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Senior Digital Programmer

Managed IT

IT should be a strategic asset that helps your business succeed.

Our IT experts will empower your team and help you leverage best-in-class technology that will help you secure and, reduce costs, and allow your team to work more effectively.

World Class Concierge and Service Desk

Whether remote or on-site IT support, we are customer service fanatics! We employ the latest remote control, remote troubleshooting, and diagnostic tools to assist your users, whether they are in the office or working remotely. Our team rapidly responds to each inquiry and our Case Management system tracks the status of each issue until it is fully resolved to your satisfaction.

Server and Desktop Management

Supporting both MAC and PC, we use the latest systems management tools to keep your critical servers and users’ desktops up to date and secure. With lifecycle analysis and reporting, we provide a comprehensive and dynamic cataloging of the information technology assets under our management.

24/7 Monitoring

Industry leading systems management tools constantly monitor the health and status of your servers, networks, and mission critical systems. Our team and tools keep your systems tuned to peak performance and can resolve many problems before you even know something happened.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware Protection

We understand the ever-increasing sophistication of attacks and the risks represented to our clients. We continuously monitor and protect your business with best-in-class, enterprise grade tools.

Operating System Patches & Updates

Updates and system patches are reviewed by our team and pushed out to your systems using our automated solution. All of this takes place in the background scheduled after business hours, minimizing impact on your busy day.

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